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Logic Pro X

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FL Studio

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Abelton Suite

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Pro Tools

GarageBand Vocal Presets


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Studio One

waves vocal presets


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vocal presets for logic pro x fl studio pro tools studio one ableton garageband

Save time and money by letting the professionals take care of the mixing, so you can keep creating

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Achieving a crisp, clear industry standard sound as if you just came out of a professional recording studio!

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Sound like your favorite artists. These presets were created using the exact same settings engineers put on today's top vocalists.

Collection: Vocal Presets

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Presets are compatible with all DAW's using stock plugins. We also offer presets using waves plugins. Waves plugins can be loaded into any of the DAW's previous listed as well as Cubase, CakeWalk, Mixcraft, and others. FL Studio vocal presets will come as .fst files. Logic Pro X vocal presets will come as .patch files. These will come by way of a download link via email immediately after purchase.

  • Vocal Presets for Logic Pro X

    Presets curated specifically for Logic Pro users only using stock plugins. If you own Logic Pro, you do not need anything else for the presets to work.

  • Vocal Presets for FL Studio

    We offer professional presets with FL Studio users in mind. Only the producer edition of FL Studio is required and it must be up to date for our presets to work.

  • Vocal Presets for Ableton

    These presets are loaded in through the audio effect rack as a chain of amazing plugins to create the perfect mix. Ableton 11 Suite is required for the presets to work.