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Microphone Isolation Box

Microphone Isolation Box

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The number 1 reason for bad quality vocals even after a good mix is because of poor acoustic treatment. Recording your vocals in the middle of your bedroom without proper acoustics is simply not okay. This is a product that is just entering the recording industry and is making waves. A microphone isolation chamber that essentially creates the sound proof room/booth effect at a fraction of the price. Achieve high quality vocals with no background noise, no room echo or reverb, and no A/C or fan humming in the distance. In order to properly mix vocals, nothing can be interfering. Our company primarily sells vocal presets and if you don't have a vocal booth, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing one of these. Having a microphone isolation box will increase the quality of your vocals, deepen the richness of the sound, and enhance the clarity of your voice.


  • The noise reduction cylinder is designed and processed with polyurethane noise reduction sponge, which absorbs and reflects the surrounding noise through the noise reduction sponge.
  • It can not only reduce the reflection of indoor recording sound, but also effectively reduce the interference of outdoor wind and environmental noise on human voice recording.
  • Capture your pure human voice and reduce the interference of external noise on the recorded sound.
  • Reduce the need for redundant equalization and post-production.
  • A detachable blowout cover is designed on the front to prevent plosive sound and saliva from eroding the microphone capsule during recording.
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